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Great Master: Liu Yaguang

Liu Yaguang is born in Henan, China. He is very fond of Kung Fu Martial arts since he was little. He started learning martial arts at age of six and had been practicing until age of 12. He has represented Shaolin martial arts to visit Germany, Russia, Singapore and US, and many other countries.  He has participated numerous Kung Fu movies and dramas, such as “Shaolin Kung Fu Soul”, “Kung Fu Legend” and “Tai Chi”, and to name a few. He has as well involved in many TV shows in famous TV stations such as CCTV, Hunan Satellite TV and International TV stations in China.


In 2008, he performed in the Broadway show “Shaolin Martial Soul” in New York. The show was full of adventure and excitement and has made him gain international reputation.

In 2010, He later on had joined GuangZhou Asian games and martial arts project, laureate multiple gold medals;

In 2013, he started teaching martial arts in 2013. Since then Mr. Liu has developed his own teaching style.

In 2017, He earned title of international martial arts referee and won the elite Kung Fu award in China

In 2019, won the Best Performance reward at the opening

ceremony at the “International Kung Fu and Tai Chi Day” celebration.

He is currently the Head Coaching Master at Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu Academy in US.

刘亚光,中国河南, 非常热爱功夫, 自幼6岁习武, 在少林寺习武12年, 曾代表少林出访, 德国, 俄罗斯, 新加坡, 美国, 澳大利亚, 等....多个国家演出交流

曾多次参加大型功夫舞台剧,少林武魂, 美猴王, 功夫传奇, 3D兵马俑, 太极, 武舞, 等... 曾多次参加CCTV, 中央卫视, 北京卫视, 湖南卫视, 河南卫视, 国际TV, 等... 2008年曾在纽约百老汇演出《少林武魂》震撼百老汇所有人 世界知名的美国哥伦比亚广播公司前主播丹·拉瑟在演出结束后对新华社记者说:中国功夫“这是一场精彩绝伦、独具匠心、充满惊险刺激的演出.

2010年 参加广州亚运会武术项目获得 多个金牌


2017 年荣获国际武道精英奖,国际裁判

2019年“世界功夫太极日” 荣获开幕式最佳表演奖


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