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The Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu school team has been set up so far more than 5 years. Every year, the school team will take part in numerous large-scale competitions and achieve excellent results, such as <Tiger Claw Elita Kung Fu Competition> <Chinese Martial Arts Tournament Kung Fu Competition in UC Berkeley> <Golden State International Wushu Competition> <International Wushu and Dance Invitation> and so on.  The school team also participated in numerous large-scale performances and applause to the audience and recognition, such as the <Tiger Claw World Kung Fu Tai Ji Day> <Sping Festival Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Spring Festival Gala in Central for performing Arts> <Second Panda International Culture and Art Festival> < Ohlone College World Tai JI & Qi Gong Day> <Third Panda International Culture and Art Festival - Spring Voice> <China Night - Celebrating the National Day> <Northern California Chinese Alliance Mid-Autumn Festival> <Flying Art Group 25th Anniversary> <Unitek College Fremont Main Campus> <Silicon Valley International Art Competition><Stanford University Performance> <Global New Year Spring> <Chinese Heart, "Silicon Valley" in Central for performing Arts> <Moon Festival - China Day> <Fremont Festival of the Arts> <Facebook Celebrate the Spring Festival> <litter flowers Montessori - Chinese New Year> <BASIS Independent School Celebration Spring Festival> <Chinese New Year Celebration> and so on.


The Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu school Team is an additional intensive training after regular class, and through professional training and professional guidance in order to strengthen the training of students and quickly improve student achievement. So the school team is very strict, training is very hard. At the same time, the team members are to be selected according to their own conditions, hard training, hard-working, respect for teachers and young, polite and so on.


Importantly, our school team is a collective team. Through training you will experience the fierce competition among team members and the friendship in the team. You will learn some very important life skills: commitment, dedication, determination, persistence, setting goals and achieving them, athleticism, and teamwork. You also learn on how to deal with the inherent unfairness of life, and how to work together with others for a bigger cause.  The focus is not all about winning, but more on mastering skills and situations, regardless of whether you win or lose. The focus is on master and not ego.

We believe that everyone is a student of innovation, with a responsibility to nurture the potential for innovation in others.

2016 School Team Video
2015 School Team Video
2014 School Team Video
2013 School Team Video
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