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                        Self Defense
      Adult -      Shaolin KungFu
                        Self Defense
                        Qigong / Wellness
       in Fremont, Union City, Newark,    
           Milpitas, Dublin 


Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Art

The Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu school is located in Fremont, CA. We offer a variety of Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Fist Forms, Modern Martial Arts, Weaponry Skills, Self-Defense Skills, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Senior Wellness classes. Shaolin Kung Fu originated at the Shaolin Temple in China, with a 1,500-year old  tradition history.


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Learning Shaolin Kung Fu, students will develop, confidence, strength, positive social skills, meditation, discipline, an “I can” attitude and improved self-image.

Training Martial Arts can benefit children in many ways beyond the ability to fight and defend themselves, training can provide them with skills such as the ability to focus on tasks, self-confidence, good character, respect, great health, problem solving, coordination, ability to use mind and body, and a whole lot more. All of these things can provide a good foundation for them and lead a child to a more successful future as they grow into adults.

Our locations:

171 Anza Street, (Mission SJ district )

Fremont CA 94539,USA

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson

Our Master

Master Long Yuan is a 34th generation warrior monk from Shaolin.Temple on Mount Song of the Henan Province in China. More......

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Two children or parent-child enrollment will receive 15% discount on the 2nd one, if both enroll for 1full year or more. More......

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Our Acodmy have meny Competition Winnersaster At different ages and different level. More......

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Shaolin KungFu Video

 by Master Long Yuan

Dragon Rhythm Shaolin

     Kung Fu School

 Shaolin Kung Fu

Dragon Rhythm Shaolin

   Kung Fu School 2017

10th Annual Dragon Rhythm Kung Fu Competition & Performance

Congratulations on the 10th Annual Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu and the successful conclusion of Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu Friendship Competition. And congratulations to all the winners.


Our《10th Annual Dragon Rhythm Kung Fu Competition & Performance  第10届龙韵功夫大赛和表演 》was on 4/10/22. During the event we have guest speech and ribbon cutting ceremony. We have Dragon dance, Kung Fu 18 weapons, Taichi and Hard Qigong Kung Fu performance. At the same time, we have 200 Kung Fu competitors join to this event. All the competitors one by one on the stage to compete their Kung Fu Forms. They did very well and got very good score.     



Guests attended at the Event: California State Treasurer- Fiona Ma, Fremont mayor - Lily Mei, Former California Congressman -  Kansen Chu, Fremont city Councilor - Yang Shao, Northern California Chinese Culture - Athletic Federation - Jingfen Li,  President of the Entrepreneur Association of American - Ben He, China Southern Airlines  - South SFO Manager Weisheng Li, Kung Fu Magazine - CEO Gigi Ho,  Tiger Claw – Choice for Martial Arts Gear - CEO Joan Ho, Spices restaurant CEO - Zhi Gang Wang and Joyful Dim Sum Bistro restaurant 


Guests of the Wushu Alliance attended at the Event: Eagle Claw Kung Fu Federation International Head - Master of Lily Liu,International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association - Chairman -Wen Peng,  Shaolin Kung Fu International Academy in Cupertino - Master of Ben Xue Zhang, Pure Shaolin Kung Fu in San Mateo - Master of Dezheng Xu and Master of Grace Yan, Panda Kung Fu Center in San Francisco - Master Le Wang and Master of Bing Yang 


Also, During the event our school Master Long Yuan and Master Yaguang Liu have a speech. 

<<Good morning everyone! Today is a very joyful moment. We celebrate Dragon Rhythm Kung Fu 10 years’ anniversary and Schoolwide Friendly Competition. Big thanks to the invaluable support from all of our contestants, attended and unattended parents, partners, and friends. It has been a decade-long journey, and I appreciate my team members and disciples, for your choice, for your trust, for your encouragement that waters the school to grow stronger and taller, drop by drop. From this day on, our school, our masters, would keep working hard to shoulder the burdens, to enrich the youth, to flourish the tree of Chinese Kung Fu culture whose leaves would be noticed and welcomed by people all around the world! Thank you!>> Master Long Yuan

Each Belt Level of Grand Champion Winners:


White Belt Grand Champion – Tom Su

White Black Belt Grand Champion – Isablla Liu

Yellow Belt Grand Champion – Hanna Cai

Yellow Black Belt Grand Champion – Jeremiah Zou

Green Belt Grand Champion – Hayden Hu

Green Black Belt Grand Champion – Akash Rao

Blue Belt Grand Champion – Susan Shinde

Orange Belt Grand Champion – Jiaxun Huang

Purple Belt Grand Champion – Nivaan Shah

Brown Belt Grand Champion – Sanskriti Pandey

Red Belt Grand Champion – Vincent Huang

Black Belt Grand Champion - Elyse Nguyen


Scholarship Winners: 

Black Belt Up 3rd Prize ($200 Scholarship) – Felicity He

Black Belt Up 2nd Prize ($300 Scholarship) – Eshaan Mistry

Black Belt Up 1st Prize ($600 Scholarship) – Elyse Nguyen


2019 龙韵魂-功夫梦