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About Us


Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu guides students toward a harmony of spirit and body along with the achievement of personal goals. Shaolin Kungfu combines physical discipline and movement with Zen meditation during extensive practice with Shaolin boxing and traditional weapons. We promote modern martial arts methods and moral integrity so students benefit from Shaolin philosophy and traditional Chinese Shaolin Buddhist culture.



“As you are determined, unexpected rewards come”

We maintain martial arts etiquette in every class. Our goal is to foster strong mentoring relationships, diligent work, and learning together the five hallmarks of Wushu. These are folk culture, health education, hand and body movements, wrestle and capture techniques, and traditional weapons usage. Our practices are rigorous and incorporate the fundamentals of Kungfu: mental focus, breathing, stretching and flexibility, stance and posture, punching and kicking.





Our Story

Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu was established at march 2011, ever since then it provides the high quality of kung fu classes and a price range that could be acceptable by vast majorities. Ever since it was established, It become one of the favorite martial arts school in the neighborhood.

Our Vision

Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kung Fu's verision is to become one of the most favourable in US, we want studies to really learne and enjoy the Chinese kung fu. We strive to provide the best service and limit with in the best price range possible. We are achieving this by consistenly showing our commitments and other values.

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